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I have a CustomValidator called serverchecker that checks to see if the server is active or not. My problem is that I want to make the commandbutton that executes serverchecker inactive when the server is inactive. I have not yet found a way to do this. I have no idea if my CustomValidator is setting the value of the serverchecker and if so what I can use to find out the value of serverchecker. I also have a grid that is disabled when the server is inactive and enabled when the server is active. The C# code for the CustomValidator is: And my function serverChecker is: public void serverChecker(object source, ServerValidateEventArgs args) { // txtServerStatus.Text = args.IsValid // set the field args.IsValid = Boolean.Parse(args.IsValid); } I do not know how to set a property to a value so that it is available in my serverChecker function. I did try args.IsValid = args.IsValid = false; but that did not work. A: args.IsValid is a property of the CustomValidator control, so you need to access it via args. args.IsValid is a property of the ServerValidateEventArgs, which is where you are setting/getting the value. You have to set the property to false first, and then retrieve the new property from the ServerValidateEventArgs. Q: SQL Server 2016 CLR - Object Instance Data Usage I am new to SQL Server 2016 and have been testing out some examples of




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Download Crystalreportviewers13 quihen

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